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Most Wiki's limit what they show to facts and facts alone, however this Wiki is dedicated to Theories and Probabilities. What YOU think about Disney's The Lion King.

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Theory: Kovu's Father: A Theory about who sired Kovu, presented by Werebereus. I think Chumvi's harmless daring and jeering took a turn for the worst and turns into a jerk. Kula is Scar's daughter in my fanon, and he is betrothed to her, which means he will one day be king/king consort. That info blows up his ego, and he proceeds to throw his weight around. Kula dislikes her friend's new jerkish behavior, and makes it clear she dislikes it. Chumvi sees his chances of being and staying king slipping away, and so he turns to one of Zira's lionesses, hoping to secure an heir from her, and kill all of Scar's offspring and relatives so the royal line would switch to his own...
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